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The pool is organized as an equalisation pool, which means that it is the companies themselves who has all contact with
their policyholders and conducts the claims handling
- while the pool settle claims and expenses in connection with these among the pool's members in proportion to their share of the pool, which corresponds to their share of the market for fire insurance in Norway.

The Pool comprises:

  • A Board consisting of 8 members with personal deputies. The Board supervises the Pool's activities.
  • The loss committee with 5 members from the 4 largest companies. Responsible for the companies handling of losses and that all claims are equalized correctly.
  • The reinsurance committee advises the Board on reinsurance matters,
    and an administration is responsible for the day-to-day management. 


The administration is ran from a separate Pool office in the Norwegian Financial Association. In the administration there are 8 people working with the Natural Perils Pool:

 Geir Trulserud Director
 Synnøve Bjerved
Inquiries, - the loss committee, - contact with companies
 Nina Wien Claims,-statistics,-programming
 Pål Olsen Accounting
 Henning Simonsen Inquiries, - the loss committee, - contact with companies
 Daniel Schie Auditor
 Sylvia Steinwagner- Bublitz Auditor
 Karina Smith Auditor

E-mail address to the administration:

Foreign companies

Because of the EEA agreement, as of 1993 other companies can write insurance in the Norwegian market. As soon as a company has begun writing fire insurance in Norway, they are obliged to become members of the pool. If it is the other way around, a Norwegian policyholder wants to write its fire insurance in another country, it has to pay a fee to the pool as long as the foreign insurance company is not a member of the pool. The fee is calculated in the same way as the premium (0.07 0/00 of the sum insured) but gives no compensation in case of an incident/accident.


Postal address; Norsk Naturskadepool Postboks 2473 N-0202 Oslo Office address: Hansteens gt 2, 0253 Oslo Telephone: + 47 23 28 42 00 E-mail: