Types of damages

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Types of damages


There is a compensatory storm damage when it has blown more than 20.8 m / sec. It is sufficient that one gust of wind has been up in this wind force.


Landslides are different forms of larger or smaller masses of clay, snow and loose masses (rock, gravel, sand, soil) such as: rockslide rockfall landslide mudflow avalanche/snowslide Landslides mean that the masses are set in motion. Landslides as a natural disaster presuppose that there are masses formed by nature itself that erupts. There is no defined minimum limit, so...


Compensation-induced flooding in watercourses is understood to be a situation where extraordinary precipitation/heavy snowmelt leads to abnormally high water levels with damaging flooding. The watercourse extends beyond its breeders. There are also compensatory floods when extraordinary, natural runoff forms wild streams in sloping terrain. It assumes that the situation caus...

Storm surge

There is compensatory storm flood when the water level is higher than the corresponding 5-year return period (repetition interval).


By earthquake is meant a sudden natural rupture in the earth's crust which is of such a nature that elastic waves are emitted which makes motions in the ground. These are measured with a seismometer. The magnitude of the motions varies from imperceptible to very strong, and they decrease in intensity with distance from the center of the earthquake. The motions that have...

Volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions have not occurred during the Natural Perils Pool's operating time. However, it is not entirely impossible that we may experience such damage. Jan Mayen, like Iceland, is made up of volcanic activity. P.t. there is no permanent residence but stationed in government business.

Tsunami - as of 01.01.2023

A tsunami is a particularly large wave that occurs as a direct result of geological events, e.g. earthquakes, landslides or volcanic eruptions. Another word for tsunami is tidal wave. The Norwegian Natural Perils Insurance Act is being extended from 1 January 2023 to include damage caused by meteorite strikes. The second sentence of the act’s first paragraph will then read:...

Meteorite strikes - as of 01.01.2023

Meteorites are objects from space – meteoroids – which survive the passage through the atmosphere and strike the surface of the planet. The Earth is constantly bombarded by meteoroids, but few make it through the atmosphere. It is extremely rare for meteorite strikes to cause damage to insured assets.  The Norwegian Natural Perils Insurance Act is being extended from 1 Janua...