Compensation schemes for damage incurred by natural perils

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Compensation schemes for damage incurred by natural perils

In Norway we have a twofold compensation scheme for damage caused by defined natural perils on objects.

Which of the schemes to be applied for compensation for the damage - depends on whether the object can be insured (i.e. is suitable for fire insurance) or not.

Insurance cf. The act on Natural Perils Insurance

All buildings and movable property insured against fire damage is also insured against damage by natural perils, if the damage in question is not covered by other insurance (i.e. motor insurance and other forms of comprehensive insurance schemes)

This follows from the act on Natural Perils Insurance. The scheme is administered by the Norwegian Natural Perils Pool, where all insurance companies - which insures the above mentioned objects in Norway - are participants.

Under this scheme you will be assured compensation for damage incurred by natural perils.

The conditions for the natural perils compensation can be found in the insurance contract that you have with your company.

By incurred damage, please contact your insurance company for information on which compensation arrangements that apply in your case.

The Natural Perils Insurance Act does not include motor vehicles, boats, ships etc.- cf. the insurance conditions. Compensation for these objects depends on your annual insurance coverage specified for these objects.

The public compensation system

Claims for damage to objects unsuitable to fire insurance may be compensated by The Norwegian National Fund for Natural Damage Assistance. The Norwegian National Fund for Natural Damage assistance compensate damages to object one cannot normally insure against damage by natural perils by means of ordinary insurance schemes.

Decisive for whether a damaged object is compensated, is whether the object could have been insured, as opposed to whether it actually was insured.

In the event of complaint

The board of appeal for damage incurred by natural perils is a common body for both compensation schemes.
The claimant who experiences a decreased- / or a refusal of- compensation from the insurance company or the State Natural Disaster Scheme, regarding the decision incorrect - may appeal to the Appeals committee for damage by natural perils. E-mail, address similar to the State Natural Disaster Scheme.

Appeals regarding the State Natural Disaster Scheme must be submitted within three weeks, after the decision was known.

Appeals regarding decisions from insurers must be submitted within six months from receiving the decision.

Complaints regarding compensation for all other insurance claims are managed by the companies directly, or by The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board (FinKN).