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When a policy holder notifies the insurer of a claim, the company must settle the claim in accordance with its own conditions, and then report the claim to the pool on the form "monthly settlement".

The pool has a separate set of Terms for Settlement through the Naturals Perils Pool, which is used between the member company and the pool. It is up to each member company to decide its own conditions towards the policy holder, but it is only by using the standard conditions you will find out how much your company can equalize in the pool.

Conditions for claims settling

The deductible is NOK 8000 per incident, according to article 3 in the act. This deductible is the same no matter what the size of the insurance is.

Damages must be reported to the administration by the 5th of the month after the loss has been reported to your company. It is not necessary that the loss has been settled in the company before it is reported to the pool. It is the payment for the month in force that will be the basis for the monthly settlement.


For larger losses, the Loss committee may take over the organization of the assessment of the losses together with the assessors for the given area. There is one appointed coordinator for all of Norway, who will organize all of the assessment .

The Loss committee have written a manual for claims settling, this is however not translated into English.