The pool is organized as a distribution pool, which means that it is the companies themselves who have all contact with their policy holders, and the pool only equalises losses.

The Pool comprises:

  • A Board consisting of 8 members with personal deputies. The Board supervises the Pool's activities.
  • The loss committee with 5 members from the 4 largest companies. Responsible for the companies handling of losses and that all claims are equalised correctly.
  • The reinsurance committee advises the Board on reinsurance matters, and an administration. 


The administration is ran from a separate Pool office in the Norwegian Financial Association. In the administration there are 4 people working with the Natural Perils Pool:

 Geir Trulserud Director
 Synnøve Bjerved
Inquiries, - the loss committee, - contact with companies
 Nina Wien Claims,-statistics,-programming
 Jørgen Strand Nielsen Authorities, - web , -inquiries, -contact with companies
 Pål Olsen Accounting

E-mail address to the administration:

Foreign companies

Because of the EEA agreement, as of 1993 other companies can write insurance in the Norwegian market. As soon as a company has begun writing fire insurance in Norway, they are obliged to become members of the pool. If it is the other way around, a Norwegian policyholder wants to write its fire insurance in another country, it has to pay a fee to the pool as long as the foreign insurance company is not a member of the pool. The fee is calculated in the same way as the premium (0.07 0/00 of the sum insured) but gives no compensation in case of an incident/accident.


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